Monday, January 7, 2019

How an E-commerce Platform Makes Your Business Grow?

There was a time when businesses were confined to the physical boundaries only. That was a time when thinking of buying at a click from the convenience of homes or on a go was a far-fetched dream.
 With a rising number of Smartphone users, online shoppers are increasing with each passing day. No wonder why brick and mortar shops and other businesses are fast incorporating “just a click to buy magic wand” called e-commerce. E-commerce is a viable solution in the modern era of busy consumers who want things to be quick and hassle-free. So, whether you are a full-time webprenuer who has no physical infrastructure or a physical business that wants to boost sales, build brand or engage customers on the web only, an e-shop would be a boon for you. What makes an e-store so fascinating that a majority of businessmen have incorporated it in their present website? Even the well-known brands are seeking the help of major online stores or coming up with their own. Let us see what???? What is in your mind low investments, an easy way to peep inside your customers’ buying behavior or just expanding your reach? You get everything bundled up in just one solution!

An Amazingly Inexpensive Way to Operate and Manage:

How much did you spend in laying the physical foundation of your businesses? A huge investment indeed! Setting up of an e-commerce platform costs you only a small fraction of it. Starting your online store with all the things right from an appealing, mobile-friendly website, to receiving payments to managing inventory and shipping extra do not cost you much. Also, inventory management and sales can be integrated between your e-commerce site and physical shop. With low upfront costs you can reap a huge benefit and after being successful you can ramp up your investment to increase inventory or can indulge in customized advertising.

Harvest Enriching Information about Buyers:

This is yet another reason that makes e-commerce enticing for businesses. Yes! With the help of web analytics you can track the buying behavior of your clients. You can have a look where they normally go and see often at your site. With the help of this invaluable data, you can optimize your sales. You can find out what products are immensely popular, what promotional strategies or campaigns are actually working and direct your efforts in the right direction to boost sales. This can help your physical shops as well and managing the inventory as per the buying behavior of your visitors. With the help of web analytics, you can get to know about all this and make use of it:
  • Where the customers are coming from to my online store (social media platforms, search engines, forums….)?
  • Which geographical regions they belong to?
  • Which sections of the store are the most visited ones?
  • What are their browsing patterns? Which items are more popular among them?

24X7 Operation Makes You Earn While You Sleep:

It is not possible to make sales with shutters down. Yes! When you are closed and your stuff is sleeping or you are not working can you think of earning that time also? With e-shops it is possible! One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce platform is selling round the clock beyond the business hours also.

Find More Customers Reaching to You Through Search Engines and Social Media:

With more and more people seeking the help of Internet to find anything and everything, your chances of getting located by more and more customers are bright! Yes, more people reach out to you and end up buying from you depending on how lucrative your products are or how beautifully they are presented on an online shop. Having an online store simply means more exposure and getting more prospects.

Sell Globally:

When your store floats on web, restriction of physical boundaries is done away with automatically. You can reach out to the overseas market also and can get prospective buyers from there as well. There are no hassles of setting up your physical presence. You physical location can be anywhere and you can fetch customers from anywhere.

Better Customer Acquisition:

Business value chain works smoothly and grows when the customers are being provided with round the clock hassle-free support. With the help of integrated e-commerce website it is possible. Acquisition of customers and retaining them becomes all the more easier with an online shop. With the help of Google Analytics, their buying behavior can be studied and by showing them products of their choices, it is easy to acquire and retain them.

Word of Mouth is Much More Easy and Effective:

In an e-store word of mouth is far more effective and easy because of the simple reason. Testimonials and customer reviews can be placed where they can be seen easily by the other visitors. This helps the new visitors to get influenced and a trust level is built without much efforts.

This is not the end of the story yet! There are more benefits of e-commerce than those already explained. Brace yourself for an online selling today to see your sales multiplying and customers growing. Of course, just setting up an e-shop is not enough and an expert help is what you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Whatever your products or services may be, an optimized low cost platform known as e-commerce makes you visible by the masses far and wide and enable them to buy anywhere and anytime just at click of a button.

While on one hand where there are undisputable advantages of an e-store to the buyers, small and medium businesses are now running their e-shops in addition to the physical stores.
No doubts a wonderful way of going beyond the confined space, acquiring and retaining more customers by knowing their buying psychology and round the clock sales….are the reasons compelling enough for SMEs to enter into the realm of e-commerce, cashing on the growing popularity of Internet and multiply sales.


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